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How clickety clack started

Our Story

Clickety Clack started with a passion for investing and a desire to help others learn the secrets of smart investing. Our founder, Lisa Juhasz, studied math in college and later took investing classes to learn how to invest in the stock market. While raising a family with her husband, she dabbled in real estate investments and later became a business owner. Lisa's business ownership experiences were extremely successful, but the more she studied and experienced investing on the side, the more evident it became that her investing skills were a better source of income. Without the challenges of managing employees or the cost of overhead, Lisa realized that smart investing opens the door to financial freedom and allowed for better work life balance. Learning to trade the way Lisa does CHANGED HER LIFE! She could work from anywhere and focus on the people in her life that mattered most. So Clickety Clack was created with her close friend, Skij Nielsen, to help others find financial success and change their lives too. Our whole purpose is to help you Clickety Clack your goals and dreams into reality.

Skij Nielsen

Lisa Juhasz

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